Design Camp

An Exploration of the Intersection Between Open Source & Design

Sun. Nov. 19 from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm

Design Camp will explore the methodology behind some of the best practices for developing digital products, design thinking and contributing to open source.


Everyones favorite UX/UI tool Sketch will be sponsoring the event. We're giving out 4 free copies to random attendees and some free SWAG.


Design Camp features a rich mix of presenters from across the open source community.

Matthew Voshell

Product Designer

Lee-Sean Huang

Cofounder/Creative Director (Foossa)

Adam Perlis

CEO (Academy UX & Design Thinking Studio)

Regine Gilbert

Sr. UX Design Consultant

Justin Marshall

Product Designer (Next Big Sound at Pandora)

Asia Hoe

Product Designer (2U)

Michael Calleia

Product management, UX consultant and coach (Humanist)


9am - Asia Hoe

Design for Good:
How Civic Engagement Can Make You A Better A Designer


10am - Matthew Voshell

Product Design Playbook
Concepts & Methodologies To Live By


11am - Adam Perlis

How to Transform your Organization with Design Sprints, Agile Sprints and Product Relays”





1pm - Regine Gilbert

Approaching Design with Accessibility in Mind


2pm - Justin Mitchell

Next Big Sound
Building Products to Inform the Music Industry


3pm - Lee-Sean Huang

Design as Community-Centered Future-making


4pm - Michael Calleia

Intro to User Story Mapping


Design Camp includes an interesting mix of presentations on insights, best practices and techniques relating to open source and design.

The Product Design Playbook

With the accelerated adoption of agile and multi-disciplinary teams known as "Pods” Product Design, as a profession, is on a trajectory to demand generalist designers over specialized ones. In response to this eventual pivot “The Product Design Playbook" is a comprehensive collection of methodologies and concepts that will guide designers and teams alike to build high quality products quickly and repeatedly. Concepts covered will span across the spectrum of continuous agile product development. The presentation is intended to communicate a direct approach to help designers and teams discover and understand what to expect through learning about situational concepts to leverage at any given time throughout the continuous product development process.

Matthew Voshell

Product Designer

Design as Community-Centered Future-Making

Design is problem solving. Design is craft. Design is beauty and delight. But it is also more than that. With every product and service that we design, we are also making and proposing alternative futures that are different from the status quo. How do we make design, and these futures, more inclusive and community-centered?

Lee-Sean Huang

Cofounder/Creative Director (Foossa)


We've got SWAG


Our venue is Convene's midtown NYC location at 730 3rd Ave, where we'll be hosting along with other Open Camps events. We'll be posting further venue details here as the event approaches, including access and check-in procedures.


AI Camp is organized by a volunteer team from the open source community. If you'd like to get involved, please reach out to us by email .

Brian Carr

UX Designer (Victory Guide)